The Symphony

When I saw a big cicada on our hops trellis, I was excited. I called the boys over to look at it, thinking my little bug hunters would be fascinated.

I thought I’d probably have to talk them out of catching it in the bug house.


Joe took a look at it and said ‘oooh’ before running off to pick grapes.

Jake didn’t even look at it. He just ran after Joe.


Not cool?

Not awesome?

Not incredible?

I remember seeing cicada skins all the time as a kid. We’d normally only find the empty shells but occasionally we found an actual cicada.

That was cool and awesome and incredible.

This is the first time I’ve seen one in years. I know they are out there because we hear their song all the time.

The sound reminds of my childhood.

I find it soothing, peaceful even.

And, with the frogs, crickets and cicadas…we have quite the symphony in our own backyard.


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