Poultry Poetry

When I went out today
To check for chicken eggs
I found a angry bunch
All standing on two legs

The leader was disgruntled
The others very mad
I wondered at the anger
For I’d done nothing bad

And then I saw the problem
The thing that sparked their ire
The hose that brought the water
Was dangling from the spire

I smiled and thought how silly
I laughed a little too
But then I saw their faces
Such rage was in a few

I coughed and said “I’m sorry”
I shuffled both my feet
This made them very angry
So I gave them a treat

I tried to reconnect it
But that hose just wouldn’t work
So I brought them an old dish
And got a livid smirk

And while I stood and watched them
One slowly came my way
I thought it came to thank me
How wrong I was this day

The little blond came to me
Then came a red so sweet
And then, before I knew it
They pecked my hands and feet!


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