If You Give a Kid a Shovel

If you give a kid a shovel, he’ll want to plant some seeds.

You’ll have to take him to the store to buy them.

On the way to the store he’ll see an ice cream shop.

He’ll want to stop.

After he eats the ice cream, he’ll be all sticky and want to clean up.

As he washes his hands, he’ll remember the water balloon fight he wanted to have so he’ll ask for some balloons.

When you give him the balloons, he’ll want to blow them up and play.

Seeing the balloons float through the air will make him think of bubbles and he’ll ask you to go to the store so he can buy them.

While you’re at the store, he’ll see a watermelon.

He’ll want to eat it.

So you’ll buy it and take him home to cut it up.

Eating the watermelon will remind him of the seeds he wanted to plant.

He’ll eat the watermelon and save the seeds.

And chances are, if he saves the seeds…he’ll want to a shovel to plant them.



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