The Hopeful Gardener

It’s starting to smell like Fall. Soon the leaves will start to yellow, the sunchokes will start to flower and the air will start to cool.

Yesterday, in honor of the changing season, I planted a few perennials.


Bare root currants, hydrangea and purple leaf plums were soaked overnight in a water/fertilizer mix.

It took me the better part of 3 hours to plant, fertilize and water 14 plants while the boys watched from their camp chairs sipping on juice boxes, helped me or ran around the yard playing with the cats.

I planted  6 purple leaf plums, 3 currants, 2 honeyberries and 2 goji berries and then fertilized them with Garrett Juice diluted in water.

The nursery I ordered these fruiting perennials from threw in a color changing hydrangea as a pleasant bonus, so I planted that too.

I planted the purple leaf plums and hydrangea along the driveway with the burning bush and lilac we put in last year.


The goji berries went in the vineyard and the currants and honeyberries went in the fedge.

Joe wanted to plant some seeds too. He picked carrots and pumpkins on a stick and we planted them next to his peas and watermelon.



The peas we planted two or so weeks ago are growing fast. We’ll definitely get a few meals out of the peas this fall.


The watermelon has also sprouted. I told Joe that it might not make it through the cold.


“We’ll just see,” he said.

Hopeful gardener
Sunny outlook on the world
Laughing, cheerful face

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