Marshmallow Teeth

“Mommy, let’s make something with marshmallows!”

That’s the first thing Joe said to me after I’d poured myself a big cup of coffee. He was holding the bag of mini marshmallows that I had forgotten to hide in the cupboard. I had bought them to make eyes for the Monster Mouths we had planned to make later in the day.


It was way too early.

I had not consumed nearly enough coffee to brainstorm anything more than counting the marshmallows so, giant steaming cup of coffee in hand, I sat down at the computer to ask my dear friend Pinterest for advice.

I found the perfect game almost immediately.

Marshmallow Teeth

All we needed?

Mini Marshmallows. Check!
Pink construction paper. Check!
Marker. Check!
Scissors. Check!

After prepping the materials, a task that took less than 5 minutes, the boys started to play the game.

wpid-20150922_084436.jpg wpid-20150922_084547.jpg

The play was simple. Roll the die, count the dots and pull the corresponding number of “teeth” out of the “mouth”.

Joe did a great job counting the dots on the die and pulling the teeth.

Jake needed a little help counting the dots, but was a true dentist when pulling the teeth.

The first player to pull all the teeth wins the game.

The catch? They need to roll the exact number of teeth to be the victor. For example, Joe had 1 tooth left so he had to roll a “1”. Had he been unlucky and rolled a “4”, he would have to keep rolling until he got the right number.

They had so much fun with it! Joe spied the mini chocolate chips that I had also forgotten to hide and wanted to play with them.

This time, he rolled the die to put the chocolate chips on the mouth and then again to pull them out.

“Great idea, Joe!”

“I know, Mommy.”

At least he’s modest.

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