Annual Warriors

Ray stumbled across some random squash growing in the pasture.

Only, it wasn’t random. We followed the chicken tractor and purposely spread our custom seed mix in the freshly scratched and fertile soil.

It took awhile, but finally, we’re seeing the results.


Honestly, I’d forgotten all about spreading the seeds. Other things like starting our fall garden and planting new perennials pushed it right out of my mind.

But as soon as I saw these squash plants, I immediately looked for other evidence of annual growth.

And I found it.

New amaranth grew next to wild prairie geraniums. Lettuce popped up under tall wild daisies. Squash grew everywhere.


Will they make it to harvest? Probably not. But it is gratifying to see that they are trying, reaching and growing despite the cold that will soon arrive.

Annual veggies
So determined and so strong
Defying Autumn

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