Shades and Hues

The pasture out back is a sea of yellow, green, red and white. Everyday, it seems, I discover new prairie grasses and wildflowers.


Too many to properly identify.




We have the Canada Goldenrod blooming in late summer, smelling slightly sweet and attracting bees and butterflies.  

There’s  Heather Aster with its tiny white flowers growing bush-like anywhere there is space.


Then there’s the Milkweed and Pigweed adding a splash of color to the many shades and hues of green and yellow.



So many flowers. So many shades. So many hues.

All in our own backyard.

The flowers that grow wild
The grasses that grow green
The wonder of a child
The beauty of the scene

We love to smell the air
We love to smell the field
The sound of swishing grass
The awe of land that’s healed

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