October Skies


Leaves turn brown and shrivel.

Plants I’d forgotten about or given up on are revealed beneath the crunchy leaves of those going to seed and falling as mulch to the ground.

All of the broccoli is going to seed. Delicate yellow flowers shoot up from the wilting plants.


My nieces discovered a pepper plant hidden under the tomatoes, heavy with pepperoncinis that had been camouflaged from pests all season.



Joe found a lone carrot under the weeds in the back gardens. He immediately claimed it with a big bite and a huge smile.


The sun was setting as we picked tomatoes, searched for broccoli and hunted for more peppers and carrots.


Before darkness set in, we all went for a walk in the pasture.


As I walked through the maze, I enjoyed the peace of the sun setting and casting a soft glow over the pasture.


But the bright, smiling and excited faces sharing this walk with me are something beyond beauty.

Words fall short of describing the charm of the laughter in their eyes and the delight on their faces.

Their wonder fills me with joy.


Overwhelming joy
Under the October skies
Bright, smiling faces

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