I noticed an orange flower growing near the pond yesterday.

It looked like a very tall marigold.

It wasn’t leggy, like it had grown too fast.

It wasn’t droopy, like it had grown too weak.

It wasn’t sad looking in the least.

It swayed gently in the breeze, defying the grass that threatened to choke it out and daring the wind to topple it to the ground.


I looked for more, but they either hadn’t grown or had long since been overtaken by the prairie grasses that cover the berm.

Before going inside, I came back to gaze at this lone marigold that was so determined to see the sun.

So intent on growing.



Something so small defying the odds.

Growing in spite of the adversity that attacks from every direction.

All from a tiny seed, thrown on the ground with a hope and faith.

Sow a little seed
Watch it grow into a plant
Smile at the wonder

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