My old nemesis is back.

That fiend. That villain. That scoundrel…writer’s block.

Of course, I can’t put all the blame on it.

I have to own up to my share of the problem.

I have to recognize that I let it in to fester and grow.

I have to take responsibility and admit that the majority all the fault…is mine.

So…what am I going to do about it?

I’ve started by using an online course on writing storybooks for children.

I’m writing ‘pitches’ for the stories I’ve already written.

I’m attending workshops, getting together with fellow writers and reviewing, revising and rewriting some of my favorites.

There is one series that I’ve found the inspiration to prepare for critiques and feedback: Adventures in Homesteading.

Why? It already has most of the elements required for a complete and well-developed story.

I’ve written an outline for the series, picked out a few of my favorites to revise and I am seeking out feedback from published and not-yet-published writers in my critique group.

I’m pushing myself to actively seek out inspiration and motivation to stay on this path to publishing.

And I’m determined to succeed.

Adventures in Homesteading – Outline

Pitch: Three mice invade Lissa’s garage and, when discovered, promise to help her with other pests in exchange for good food.

Characters: The mice: Pudgy, Pipsqueak and Gomer; Lissa, various garden pests and predators.


Conflict: Mice vs. Lissa in first chapter and mice vs. garden pests and predators in following chapters.

Contrast: Slow-moving parts in set-up and planning. Fast-moving parts in solution and adventure.

Exterior Setting: A five-acre homestead with flat rolling prairie and few trees. A long lane ends at a gray ranch-style home with attached garage and various areas on the homestead:

  • The vineyard which is out front hosting grapes, hardy kiwi and hops.
  • A strawberry and rose bush patch outside the front door.
  • The fedge is near the road with three rows of berries.
  • Directly outside the back door, off the deck is the kitchen garden with herbs, various vegetables and bug life.
  • Further back there are three raised beds next to a small garden shed and behind that a prairie with swales and a pond. The grass is tall here and frogs, deer, fox, skunk and bugs abound.

Interior Setting – Garage





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