Fall Volunteers

After feeding the chickens a few bananas and a bunch of cilantro stems, I strolled by the garden.

Bright fuzzy green leaves blanketed several areas.


Borage was volunteering.

In the paths we’d made with cardboard and covered with woodchips.

In the yard leading out to the playset.

It was everywhere and it was blooming.


I can’t get cauliflower to grow, cucumbers never turn out and peppers are sparse, but man can I grow borage.


I will never have to buy seeds for this gorgeous trap crop. I will only have to transplant or pull all the shoots that come up so it does not take over the gardens.

The chickens are in for a treat when we move them up to the house.


Borage grows all over
The gardens and the lawn
More beautiful than clover
As lovely as the dawn

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