The Aftermath

The day after we culled our 6 older hens we found 6 eggs.

The next day we found 6.

On the third and fourth day we found 6.

With all 13 hens, we’d only been getting 5-6 a day so I guess we picked the right birds to butcher.

I had expected to see a decrease in egg production–at least for a few days. The trauma of  losing 6 hens, I thought, would affect the remaining 7 ladies.

They aren’t feeling too depressed.


There has been no sign of pecking or fighting since “that day”. They are quieter, calmer and less stressed.

They appear to be almost…relieved.

Relieved that the bullies are gone.

Relieved that the war is truly over.

Relieved that the enemy…has been vanquished.


Now, winter is upon us.
Snow will fall tonight.
Will the hens keep laying?
Are there eggs in sight?

Time will give the answer.
Time will let us know.
Are chickens over winter
Worth trudging through the snow?

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