Blissfully Unaware

The snow fall a few days ago caught us a bit off guard. We knew it was coming of course, but we weren’t fully prepared.

Our van is still blissfully unaware that it is winter.

We have a case of water that is now frozen, and bug-out-bags that are fully tricked out for warm weather. The clothes in Joe and Jake’s bags are summer clothes and a size or two too small.

I have short-sleeved shirts and shorts.

What is a bug-out-bag or, BOB? Basically a lifesaver, especially when an absent-minded mommy forgets to bring an essential (or non-essential but comforting) item along on a short or long car trip.

You may also have heard of a 72-hour bag or an “Oops” bag, Go-bag or Grab bag.

I made one for my friend and gave it to her as a baby shower present with diapers, wipes, baby Tylenol and benadryl, toys, onesies, socks, diaper rash cream and a few other odds and ends including chocolate, Tylenol and chapstick for Mommy. I called it her “Oh crap!” bag.

I use a backpack with many pockets, but any bag will do. I had the boys pick out their own backpacks and made it fun for them to pick toys, clothes and other items for theirs.


It has been a huge benefit for me on more than one occasion.

Once I forgot to pack clothes for the boys.

Once or twice I forgot to pack my prescription-Careless once again.

Once I ran out of diapers and I needed one quickly…VERY quickly.

I’ve listed out the details in a previous post, but here is a refresher.

The What – Essentials for a Basic BOB
Food (jerky, nuts, pull-tab soups, granola bars) and water bottle (3 days worth)
First Aid Kit – at least basic
Pocket knife or scissors
Emergency candles/flairs
Season appropriate clothing, 3 days worth
Toiletries – toothbrush/toothpaste, bar soap, wash cloth, towel, travel shampoo
Maps and travel information – your phone may have GPS but you never know if it will work so it is good to have a paper map too.
Phone chargers
Prescription medicine-one week’s worth. I keep a S-S pill box with my anti-seizure medicine. It has come in handy on more than one occasion just for overnight trips when I’ve forgotten my primary pill box.
Over-the-counter meds for headaches, allergies, etc.
Flashlights and extra batteries
Rope – Para-cord or similar. I have a para-cord bracelet I stuck in mine. It is amazing how much rope those things have.
Pen and paper
Garbage bags, the big contractor size

The What – Non-Essential but nice to have
Entertainment: Books, crosswords, wordsearch, travel dvd player, toys
Crayons/coloring books
Bug spray for summer
Hot hands for winter

This seems like a lot.

It is…and it isn’t.

Using plastic ziploc bags and vacuum seal bags you can fit a lot in a packpack. They don’t take up a ton of room, especially for one or two people.

I don’t have all of this in my bug out bags. I do have is clothes, beef jerky, nuts, water, cups, toys, flashlights, emergency candles, my para-cord, toothbrush and a few toys and books for both me and the boys and medicine.

I need to beef them up to include at least the essentials listed above, but I at least have a start, which is better than nothing at all.

As I said in my previous post, it is practical to have one of these in your vehicle.

You never know when you will get a flat tire or have the engine in your car act up and leave you stranded until help can come.

You never know when you will go to see Grandma, just for the day, and not be able to go home because the weather turns nasty and you are stuck without clothes and your prescription.

Could you buy this stuff? Probably…but why when a small bag in your car could hold everything you need?



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