Swales in Winter

I looked out my window
And what did I see?
Water was standing
Under the tree

Then I grabbed my coat
And I ran outside
The swales were all full
The pond deep and wide

And I walked around
I saw water flowing
From north to south swale
How fast it was going!

Such gladness, such glee
To see it all that water
Even in winter
Not just when it’s hotter

When I looked out the window this morning, I saw standing water in the yard, so I knew the swales would be full.

I grabbed my raincoat and fairly ran out to check. The sky was gray and softly misting. While walking around, I saw worms and frogs and water flowing.


The swales were so full that there was standing water between them and in the lower parts of the pasture.

20151127_092401.jpg 20151127_092515.jpg

All of that water is being held on our property instead of eroding the land or filling our basement. Every time I see these hard at work, I feel an overwhelming excitement that we made this happen.

20151127_092747.jpg 20151127_092615.jpg

The pond is also full and, if it still has water when the big freeze hits, we’ll have a nice little skating rink.


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