Mischief Makers: Christmas Cactus Catastrophe

Living Room

Hi Lil!

It was so good to see you at the North Pole check-in last night!

I loved hearing how the girls reacted to your first prank. Too bad their mom sent that complaint to Santa.

My first night’s mischief flopped. Who would have thought cats would be so uncooperative? All I wanted to do was dress them up like reindeer and ride them around the house.



So tonight I felt extra pressure to “wow” the boys.

The window was locked so I tip-toed in through the garage.

Unfortunately, that is where the cats live, so I ran for it once they saw me. I guess they are still not over the antlers.


Once I was safely inside, I went straight for a big plant and started decorating.

I zipped around with tinsel, ornaments and ribbon and stuck a star on top.

And that’s where it all went terribly wrong.

How was I to know that the plant I was decorating was a cactus? We don’t have them in the North Pole!

I ended up covered in scratches and band-aids.



The boys had better appreciate my Christmas decorating skills.

Yours in mischief,

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