Mischief Makers: Careful Candy Canes

Lil’ Lil
Elf Hospital
North Pole

Dear Nim,

Sounds like you should be in the hospital with me after your eventful night.

I, unfortunately, made a huge blunder last night trying to sled down the stairs. The paper plate I used for a sled slipped and I ended up falling, spraining my ankle and bruising my funny bone.


As a result of my injuries, I came down with a bad case of the Chuckling Giggles.

Dr. Twinkle has me inhaling de-laughing gas every hour and has put me on a bread and water diet. I asked if they could stir a pound of sugar into the water, but the doc said no. He won’t even let me soak the bread in honey!

“Maybe you’ll be more careful next time,” he says.

Nurse Sparkle assures me that I’ll be discharged in time to make it back to the girls tonight, although I’ll have to walk with a cane for a few days.

At least I won’t have to spend two nights in the hospital like I did when the kids touched me last year.

Since I know I won’t be up for my original plan of swinging from the ceiling fan with Batman, I’m going to hide 50 candy canes for the girls to find. Do you think that’s too many?


Maybe their mom will forgive me for the giant icing mess if I give the girls a bunch of candy to eat before breakfast.

See you at Santa’s!
Lil’ Lil



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