Mischief Makers: Running Relay Races

Finish Line
Kitchen Table


I hope you are feeling better! I’ve had a bad case of the Chuckling Giggles before and it took weeks of drinking nothing but plain lemon juice and eating only saltine crackers to fully stop the giggles. It was awful.

My scratches healed after applying Mrs. Claus’ icing to them. It always works when I get too close to the fire while roasting marshmallows.

I felt so much better last night that I played Candyland with Leonard,  Batman and The Joker.

I won almost every game.


After losing for the 10th time, The Joker, trying to save face, challenged all of us to a sack race.


It was getting late, so we left brown paper sacks, Christmas stickers and crayons out with a note to the boys to decorate them for our big race.


Tonight, we had the race. It was a close one, but I beat Batman and The Joker!

Batman was, of course, a gracious loser. Poor Leonard didn’t even make past the starting line.


The Joker threw a giant fit and stomped off saying something about having an Ace up his sleeve for the next time we played.

Victory is mine!

Hope the girls liked the hunt!

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