Mischief Makers: Cozy Cabin Construction

Lil’ Lil
Cozy Cabin

Dear Nim,

Glad to hear you won the sack race! I’d watch that Joker though. There is something about his face that gives me the creeps.

Last night I made up some sparkly red and green cookies for the girls to decorate. They had a blast!

By the time they were done, the kitchen floor was a sea of green, red and white sprinkles. I jumped in and made a few sprinkle angels and ate a few  handfuls.


Tonight, I wanted to show the girls what my house at the North Pole looks like. I made an almost-perfect-copy using foam from the toy shop and brought it back with me to put together.

I started building my cozy little cabin and realized…too late… that I did not take measurements to make sure I would fit.


I’m now writing to you from inside, outside and around my oh-so-cozy cabin.

I don’t know how I’m going to get out of this one! My only hope is that you get this letter before you fly back to tonight’s check-in so you can stop and help me out on the way.

I’ve sent the note through the Elf Emergency Hotline and with any luck you’ll get it before you fly back!

Desperate for help!
Lil’ Lil

3 responses to “Mischief Makers: Cozy Cabin Construction

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  3. Grateful for sharingg this

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