Mischief Makers: Lil’ Lil’s Landing

Lil’ Lil
Kitchen Light Fixture
Home Base


Thank you again for rescuing me from that horrible cabin! I don’t know what I would have done if you hadn’t broken in through the back door.

I cannot believe you made such a mess with Joe’s new toys! Was he upset that you got to play with them first?

I wish I had been there. We could have had a mini nerf gun battle!

I didn’t do much last night besides hide in the mixer on top of the fridge. How boring of me!

It was kind of hard to see around the dough hook, but I managed to catch the youngest pouring salt in her sister’s cereal. It’s in my report to Santa, as well as the revenge the oldest took.

That permanent marker mustache will take awhile to come off. I’ve never seen a mom so angry!

I know the girls are sorry because they brought me a hat, scarf and gloves to keep warm on my flights to and from the North Pole.

So to let them know I appreciated their remorse, I flew back in a hot air balloon with brand new coloring books and crayons.


I had a little trouble with the landing and ended up crashing into a big container of crayons and markers and getting them all over the kitchen table.

Their mom still hasn’t forgiven me for sprinkle mess so I hope she doesn’t get even more outraged at the spilled crayons.


At least I didn’t draw mustaches on their pictures like I planned to do.

Your fellow prankster,
Lil’ Lil


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