Mischief Makers: Super Sugary Snacks

Sugar Heaven


Sorry we didn’t get much of a chance to talk at the check-in tonight. I couldn’t get out the window I usually use, so I had to find an alternate route.

I ended up zipping out through the dryer vent.

The dryer was running at the time and you know I’m not used to that amount of heat. I had to hop into the freezer in the garage to recover.

The cold did wonders and made me feel like I was in the North Pole. I was so comfortable lying on a bag of frozen peas that I fell sound asleep.

When I came to, I only had time to drop off my report and get back to set up for the morning. I even missed the snack! What did Mrs. Clause bake? I hope it wasn’t the Strawberry Creams. Those are my favorite!

I was so lightheaded from hunger that I almost fell out of the sky, so I searched the house for sugary snacks to help clear my head for mischief.


I found a jackpot of sugary snacks: powdered sugar donuts, chocolate M&Ms, peppermint M&Ms, caramel corn, Oreos, hot chocolate, red and green icing, dark chocolate peppermint squares and for dessert, a few giant Hershey’s Kisses.

I even found a bottle of sparkling grape juice to wash it all down. I wanted to drizzle maple syrup all over the donuts, but we used it all yesterday at the pancake party.


I had a blast making a Christmas tree out of the Oreos and throwing popcorn everywhere. It’s messy, but I think their mom will forgive me this once for setting out such an awesome breakfast.


I ate my fill and set the rest out for the boys with a note about the good behavior I have seen over the past few days.


What a great breakfast for them! They’ll have enough energy to play for the rest of the day!

Can’t wait til morning!

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