Mischief Makers: Gratefully Giving Gifts

Lil’ Lil
Living Room


How are the boys feeling?

It’s too bad your very thoughtful plan backfired when the boys ate too much candy. We are so used to eating sugary food for every meal that I forget how sick a non-elf can get from too much!

My idea also flopped. In a big, big way.

I got a little carried away using cereal to spell my name. I kept going and spelled the names of all 78 elves in our unit using cereal and marshmallows.

How was I to know that the family dog was allergic to Cheerios?


Santa gave me a stern scold and Buddy, the Master of Mischief,only let me have 20 Sugar Plums instead of the usual 50.

Tonight, to make up for my blunder, I toned down the mischief and did something really special for the family.

I tipped over the toy box in the living room and made sure to spread them out all over the place so the girls could see every single one of them.


I put a bright, shiny and empty gift bag on the floor and made a Christmas bow climbing wall up to my perch and left a note for them to find.


You have so many awesome toys
So can you spare a few?
‘Cause there are little girls and boys
Less fortunate than you

Every night before you dream
Please pick a toy or two
And place them in this bag that gleams
We’ll fix them up like new

How so very kind you are
To share some of your play!
A book, a plane, a boat, a car
To make some sweet child’s day

I hope the family will be touched by helping other kids have a special and wonderful Christmas. Sparkle did it the first night and her family loved it.

She says the kids put their toys out every night and are so excited when they are gone in the morning. They know that they are sharing the magic of Christmas with another family.

Isn’t our job the best?



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