Mischief Makers: Slip, Slide, Sled

“Snow Hill”
Kitchen Table

Dear sweet Lil!

I absolutely loved your idea and am so happy that the girls rushed to pick their toys to give away.

So kind, so thoughtful and so wonderful. I’m going to do that one with the boys soon too.

Perhaps I was not as thoughtful last night when I decided it would be fun to take a marshmallow bath.

Looking back, maybe filling the whole tub with marshmallow creme was not such a great idea.

Oh well. I guess the damage is already done. I hope the boys can convince their mom not to write a letter to the big guy.

Tonight, I took a step back from the treats and sweets and set out crafts and games for the boys instead.

They’ll make reindeer antlers, cotton ball snowmen, homemade Christmas bags, and jingle sticks.


Then, they’ll play Christmas charades and Christmas bingo.


And, for a healthy snack, they’ll make grape, banana and strawberry Santas and Christmas Cookie Bark.


I know the cookie bark is not considered “healthy” by human standards, but it’s pretty low on sugar compared to what elves are used to.

I was just about ready to fly up to the top of the fridge to wait for morning when I found a can of shaving cream on the counter.

So of course I had to make a sledding hill.


Too bad you can’t come and join in the fun for a bit before the kids wake up.

Wish you were here!


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