Mischief Makers: Remind, Remember, Rejoice

Lil’ Lil
Living Room


I’m so bummed I missed the sledding hill! It looked like you were having a blast. I hope you can get that shaving cream out of your hat!

Last night I dyed the milk green…mainly so I could hang out in the fridge all night. This house is just too warm!

Tonight, as I flew around trying to think of something funny to do for the girls, I found myself sitting at the edge of the Nativity.

I stared at the twinkling lights for awhile and was caught in the memory of what we did at this time last year.

Do you remember gazing at the pretty wooden figures and talking about Santa’s Christmas Day poem?


Your mischief may be fun
But remember everyone
That Christmas Time is more
Than presents on the floor

A King was born this day
In a manger full of hay
Though He was very small
He’d come to save us all

He grew into a man
Who traveled ‘cross the land
He came here to fulfill
To carry out God’s will

So delight in all your play
Have fun planning every day
But in all your doings know
It’s Christ to this we owe

We get so caught up in preparing for Christmas that sometimes we forget that there is more to it than just presents, fun and laughs.

Tonight, I’m sitting with the shepherds among sheep to remember and rejoice in the true meaning of Christmas.


Merry Christmas Nim!

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