Mischief Makers: Twisted, Tangled and Tired

Twisted Slinky

Dear Lil-

I can’t believe I missed the Mid-Way to the Big Day Party at the Pole!

I got stuck in a Christmas ornament for what seemed like days!

I finally rocked back and forth enough to get the ornament to fall off the tree, but then the family cats decided they wanted to play. After rolling around in a ball all night, I didn’t feel up to the flight back.

I spent the rest of the night eating tub after tub of chocolate icing and drinking several bottles of simple syrup just to settle my stomach.

After that horrible experience, I won’t be hiding in small spaces again for the rest of the year!

I needed to burn off some sugar, so tonight I set up a zip-line.

I had a blast zipping down it over and over again. I’m lucky the boys didn’t hear me crashing into the fruit basket!


Then, I made a climbing wall out of Christmas bows. I fell a few times so I super-glued the bows to the cabinets.

They’re really stuck now!


One of the boys had left a slinky out, so I tried using it to bungee jump off the top of the kitchen door.

Unfortunately, I ended up hanging upside down, tangled in the slinky.


If you don’t see me at check-in, you know why!

Tangled and tired,

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