Mischief Makers: Wacky Winter Wonderland



Sorry to hear that the girls were not happy with the mess you made on the bathroom mirror. It probably didn’t help that they had to clean it all up AND that you used all the bows they needed for a school project.

If only you hadn’t super-glued them!

Although I didn’t make the boys quite as mad as you did the girls, I didn’t get a great reaction either.

My hiding spot was not the problem, but eating the entire bag of M&Ms their mom had been saving to make cookies was almost unforgivable.

I’m going to make up for it tonight though.

It hasn’t snowed in almost a month and the boys are getting pretty mad that they’ve only used their new snow clothes once. It doesn’t look like there is a chance of fluff coming anytime soon, so I thought…why not make our own?


I used baking soda and some of their mom’s mint scented conditioner to get the texture just right and built a little snowman.

I also poured one of their favorite snacks all over the table, and set out a fun project for them to do. How many mini marshmallows does it take to make a snowman?


I tried very hard not to eat any of them, but I couldn’t resist gulping down a few dozen…I’m only elfin after all.

But the best part I did last.

I made a sleigh, got Leonard to pull it and dressed up like Santa.


I also filled a sack with Cracker Jack toys and practiced my best “Ho ho ho!” I know it’s against the rules to talk, but maybe just this once…

I even added a beard for me and made Leonard wear an elf hat after we finished sledding down the snow mountain in the living room! I made it out of white blankets.


Poor Leonard was not amused, but he went along with it anyway. He’s such a good Reindeer-Giraffe-Bear.

See you at check-in!




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