Mischief Makers: Finally Fantastically Five

Fruit Basket

Dear Lil,

Sorry I couldn’t make it over to your house tonight, but I had to stay and do something special for Joe’s birthday. A boy only turns 5 once you know!

I hope the girls are happy you are back with them. I still feel bad that you missed your flight back because you were cheering me up. Next time we’ll have to keep a better eye on the time.

Since the boys were decorating sugar cookies all day, I didn’t think Joe would be interested in eating the chocolate chip cookies I made for him so I went in the complete opposite direction.

Powdered sugar donuts.

To add a little extra something to the already delicious donut gems, I built three two sturdy snowmen. The third one went down.


With a candy can nose
And a chocolate hat
And two eyes made out of…smarties!

Well, you get the idea.

The sprinkles, icing, red hots, M&Ms and smarties were all left out from decorating the cookies, so I used them to make a sign and add a little festive decoration to the table…and floor.


I know his mom is getting tired of all these sweets so, in an effort to make her happy, I am hanging out in the fruit basket.

Maybe he’ll see me in the oranges and decide to have one for after dessert.


It may not have quite the festive feel as last year’s breakfast, but I think he’ll like it anyway.

See you tomorrow!


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