Mischief Makers: Puffcorn Popping Prey

Nim and Lil sat on the kitchen table popping tiny pieces of puffcorn in their mouths.

“This is so good!” Lil exclaimed.

“I know…normally I prefer something much, much, MUCH sweeter, but the way this stuff melts in your mouth…Mmmm.”

They continued to munch while discussing what to do for the kids.

“We could make a trail of boots like we did last year,” Lil offered.

Nim shook his head.

“We could stick you in the vacuum cleaner canister.”

“No way! My head hurt for weeks after that.”

“Then I’m not–EWW!”

Lil jumped up and flew to the light fixture.

“What?” asked Nim, looking around for the source of Lil’s sudden fright.

Lil pointed a shaking finger at a small spider that had crawled up on the table to munch on the Puffcorn.

“Oh Lil, it’s not that big.”

Lil floated back down to the table, but sat on top of the Puffcorn bag, keeping a wary eye on the spider.

“Ok,” said Nim. “Now where were…”

Nim’s eyes gleamed and his smile brightened.

“I’ve got it!” he burst out. “Spiders and scorpions!”

Lil looked at him like he had lost his magic.

“It’s perfect,” he said. “The boys have been hunting all over the house for spiders so why not bring the spiders to them.”

“I think you’ve had too much of this,” Lil said pointing to the bag.

In answer, Nim darted into the living room. After a few minutes of searching, he came hurtling back with a giant rubber spider and scorpion hanging from each arm.

“Here they are!”

“That’s it Nim. I’m leaving.”

Lil dusted off her hands and flew toward the door.

“Wait! I need your help with one small part of my plan. Then you can leave.”

Lil hesitated for only a few seconds before giving in. With a nervous smile, she drifted to where Nim was sitting to hear his idea.

After he explained everything, she was still skeptical but reluctantly did her part.

They put the scorpion on the table with Leonard and made it appear that it was munching on the Puffcorn.


“Now wrap me up tight,” Nim instructed and Lil wound cheesecloth tightly around Nim.

Once she was finished, she stepped back to look at her work.

“I have to admit…you look pretty hilarious.”


“What about the spider? How does it look?”


Lil started giggling as she headed out the door to go back to the girls.

“The spider needs a web, otherwise it’s perfect.”

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