Mischief Makers: Cool and Classy Closing

Lil had barely landed when Nim ambushed her.

His face was glowing, his eyes were sparkling and his feet just wouldn’t keep still.

“Lil! You have to come and see this!”

“Calm down Nim. I just flew in, give me a minute to–what is that!”

Lil stared in awe at the set of elf-sized bowling pins next to an elf-sized ball.

“Do we have time to play?” she asked with doubt.

“Time? We have all night!” Nim squealed as he handed her a note from the boys.

Dear Nim,

Thank you for such a great December!

We’ve had so much fun waking up to find you each morning and we know how hard you worked each night.

Now, we want you to take some time and relax. Don’t worry about coming up with something to make us laugh tonight, just have fun and bowl a few strikes for us!

Your friends,
Joe and Jake

Lil finished reading the note and looked up at Nim.

“I’ve never heard of an elf’s kids giving presents,” she said in awe.

“I know! Isn’t it great?”

Lil was suddenly very happy she decided to come to see Nim earlier than usual.

“Where should we set up the lanes?” she asked.

After a few disagreements, they finally ended up building the lane on top of a bookshelf in the living room.

They tried building it with Lincoln Logs, but each time Nim bowled the ball would crash into the sides and the whole thing came tumbling down.

Then, they tried building one out of cardboard but it just kept falling over.

They finally discovered that Megablocks make the best bowling lanes.


“There!” Nim exclaimed. “It’s perfect! Now let’s play!”

With a mega cup of mini marshmallows, Lil sat back to watch Nim bowl his first frame.


They took turns until it was time for Lil to head back to the girls.

“Good idea to take these pictures Nim! The girls will love seeing these when they find me in the sugar canister.”

“I can almost hear their giggles now!”

Lil rolled up the stack of pictures they’d printed and flew out the door leaving Nim to enjoy a few more frames.




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