Here’s Why

I read a great article today from

The article was about an online charter school called Cyber School. About halfway through the post, the blogger listed her family’s reasons for homeschooling.

One of their reasons, perhaps their main reason, lined up perfectly with ours.

“There is no doubt that instruction in a class of one or two is far superior to instruction in a class of 24 (or more!)…”

This is a HUGE reason we have decided to take this journey. By teaching the boys at home, we are able to tailor to their educational needs.

If a method of learning works for Joe but not for Jake, we can try another. They don’t have to follow the same curriculum, learn in the same way or even use the same subject matter to learn a concept.

This is not a reflection of the teachers in public school. There are wonderful teachers in that sphere. I know this. I had many.

But with the standards to be met, the guidelines to follow and the test scores to achieve, there is just not enough time in the day for 1 teacher to be able to focus their sole attention on 1 student.

Sure, there are advanced placement classes and there are classes for tutoring those students who need extra help; but eventually those students are thrown back into the mix and left to fend for themselves.

We have that ability, the time and the luxury to make sure the boys get an education specific to their needs.

Maybe our boys would do well in public school. Maybe there is a charter or private school that would be perfect for their learning style. Maybe…

But learning styles change, interests change and abilities change with each year that passes.

We’ve worked hard and are blessed to be able to focus on their specific educational needs.

Why not take advantage while we can?





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