Today we started seeds
The boys were full of glee
We used a carton kit
Went on a planting spree

Pumpkins, gourds and melons
Flowers, herbs and more
Hands deep in the soil
Dirt spilled on the floor

Smiling as they planted
Choosing seeds to sow
Place them in the sunlight
And wait for them to grow

For Christmas, my mom gave Joe and Jake their own garden kit. Jake’s had white, pink and yellow 4 0’clocks and Joe’s had pumpkins, gourds and squash



Today, Joe brought me both kits and asked if we could “plant some stuff”. So we sat at the table and I helped them each start their seeds.


Joe wanted to start watermelon seeds so we swapped out a tickle me for a watermelon.


When we were done, we set them up on top of our bookshelf to sprout.

Once they sprout, we’ll move them downstairs under the grow light and check them daily. We’ll also track their growth on the charts that came with the kits.


My favorite thing about this project is how excited both boys are to watch their plants grow. I had almost forgotten that we had the kits until Joe brought them to me and wanted to plant.

Enthusiasm is contagious.

One response to “Plant-astic

  1. I hope the plants do well – your boys will love it 🙂

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