Education: Public, Private and Playful

For the past few weeks, we’ve been following a very loose “schedule” inside, outside and all around the homestead.

I’ve spent a lot of time searching for that perfect curriculum, that perfect home school planner and that perfect schedule.

And you know what I discovered? There isn’t one that meets my specific needs or, more accurately, my boys’ specific needs.

I was trying to force an unrealistic and rigid schedule. We were all frustrated.

I’ve done it before. I’ve blogged about it before. And,g just like before, I’ve lost sight of how we work as a family.

So. I came across a list of objectives  by age and created my own schedule using said list.

On Sunday night, I sit with the list and pull activities from Pinterest or just come up with my own. I base all of this on what I know the boys are interested in.

I print worksheets and templates and organize them in file folders so that everything I have planned is ready to go.


We’ve spent mornings work booking, experimenting and playing games.


Sight Word Candyland


Tracing numbers


Completing patterns: AB, ABA, AAB


Sink or Float: Hypothesis and Result


Sorting by color


Matching lowercase and uppercase letters

We’ve spent afternoons adventuring to museums, playing at the gym, learning the proper grip when playing golf, learning how to swim and somersaulting at gymnastics.


Golf lessons


Open Gym


We’ve read books, done chores, started seeds and practiced patience (sort of).


That said, I don’t sweat, freak out or break down if we get off schedule.

Sometimes, PE is in the morning while I’m working out at the gym.

Sometimes, we spend most of our day at a museum, zoo, nature center or store because the boys asked a question about how stuff works, what does a zebra eat, what can I buy with a dollar and so on.

Sometimes we play games, build forts, play house or pretend we’re superheros because the boys just have too many wiggles to sit and workbook.

Even though we’re not keeping to our schedule exactly, I feel more organized and less stressed for having it as a checklist of sorts.

I don’t worry about curriculum. I’ve created my own and for now…that’s ok.

Field trips to the zoo
With my little crew
At home, at work and at play
What will we learn today?

3 responses to “Education: Public, Private and Playful

  1. I love that homeschooling takes only 2-3 hours a day while going to public school is a grueling 8 hour day. I wish I had been home schooled. I would have had time to learn other things instead of just being exhausted at the end of the day from dealing with people and ridiculous rules.

    • The flexibility homeschooling offers was one of the pros we listed when making the decision. I have seen exhausted kids come home, sit down and do homework for a couple hours.

  2. For Elm, lifelong learning is the basis of society. The magazine writes in-depth about adult education, good practices, trends, news and people. Learning never ends!

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