Tomatoes and Peppers Round 1

Today I started tomatoes and peppers. I’m going to stagger plant them again this year so we are not overwhelmed when they all start fruiting.


Most of the varieties are heirloom, all are organic and non-GMO.

  • Pink Boar – A dark pinkish tomato with metallic green stripes.
  • Crimson Sprinter – Dark red, juicy and sweet…sounds like a great sandwich tomato.
  • Rose de Berne – A dark rose tomato that sounds great for canning.
  •  Merlot F1 – A sweet grape tomato with a long shelf life.
  • Matt’s Wild Cherry – We planted these a couple of year’s ago. They are delicious and the boys loved to eat them right off the vine.
  • Black Hungarian Hot Pepper – The shape is similar to a jalapeno, but the fruit turns jet black then red when ripe. Plus, it looks pretty in the garden.
  • Early Jalapeno – Mmm…poppers and salsa.
  • Maya Habanero Pepper – We may try making a hot sauce this year.

This is the first round of peppers and tomatoes. I will likely do a couple more rounds and share the starts with friends and family.

The second round is planted
9 jugs filled with soil and seed
Some cherry tomatoes, some Sprinter
Merlot, rose, pink boar’s what we need

Hot and sweet peppers are started
Habanero, sweet purple and wax
And don’t forget jalapeno
Salsa for lunch and a snack

I hope that all seeds will sprout soon
In March, mid-April or May
With baited breath, we’ll watch and wait
And when they break through, we’ll shout “Yay!”

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