In the Heat of Winter

A few days ago, I took the boys to the zoo.

The zoo. In February.


Almost all of the animals were out playing. The zebras chased the rhinos. The rhinos playfully fought each other and the giraffes were basking in the sun.


It was gorgeous.

Windy, but warm. A wonderful day to be outside.

When I got home and saw my winter garden I noticed how dry the soil looked. I watered the containers and started to worry a bit.

Will the freeze-thaw-freeze ruin any chance for the seeds to sprout?

I thought about all the volunteers we get in May and June. They do just fine and are often even stronger than the starts I transplant in late Spring.

I thought about all the plants, trees, weeds and grasses that grow from seed every year with no help from a grow light, gardener or greenhouse.

I thought about Nature.

It works.

It does a fine job.

It doesn’t need our help, it just needs us to get out of the way.

The seeds I started will freeze and thaw.

Many will not sprout in the Spring, but just like in Nature…there will be a few survivors to carry on.

Freeze thaw, freeze and thaw
Wintering in the bright sun
Nature tending seeds

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