Cool Breeze, Bright Sun

On this gorgeous day, Joe and I were hard at work in the back yard. The breeze was soft and cool and the sun was bright.

We picked a spot for the apple tree we are going to plant. At first, Joe wanted to plant it right in the middle of the yard, but then decided that it would be better to plant it with the mulberry trees.

Joe collected 7 eggs while I watered the chickens.


Then, we walked through the swales to check out wind damage and searched for life in the ponds.


Joe and I both saw a goldfish jump. I tried to get footage but it stayed hidden under the moss at the bottom of the pond.

Joe even tried splashing the water with a stick to get it to come out. Odd that didn’t work.


Next, we carted bricks to the stump of the climbing tree and created the outline for the herb spiral.



Joe was proud of his hard work and excited to show daddy.

“He’s really going to like this Mommy. Because I helped.”


A sunny, bright day
Wind hardly stirring the grass
Spring is almost here

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