Marching Toward Spring

The weather is temperamental, the days are getting longer and the boys (and I) have a full-blown case of Spring Fever.

The chickens are even spending more time in their run.


It must be March.

Today, I sowed more seeds and stuck them outside using the “Winter Sowing” technique detailed in a previous post. I also started a flat in the basement under grow lights.

Basil, Rosemary and okra
Tomatoes and peppers as well
Cabbage, broccoli, amaranth
In jugs on our deck all dwell


When it gets warmer later this week, or the bitter wind at least dies down, I’ll direct sow some seeds in the kitchen garden.

I’d really like to get the herb spiral up and running soon so I can direct sow parsley and cilantro. I already have the base laid out thanks to my little helper.


Celery, carrots and spinach
Marigolds, nasturtiums and greens
Perhaps we’ll plant some radish
And maybe some peas and beans


The season has all but started
The ground thaws more every day
My garden boots are ready
To kick these gray clouds away

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