They’re here!


I picked up 26 chicks at the post office this morning and they are now peeping in the garage under a heat lamp with plenty of food, water and warmth.

They came in this tiny box…not much bigger than a shoe box.


In all, we have 26 Pearl White Leghorns. They threw in one extra for free!

The rare one is an Ameraucanas…I think. It’s gray with a greenish tinted leg. The handwritten label on the box said “Green Leg” and in googling I found that the Ameraucanas are sometimes called Green Legs or Easter eggers.

It’s the most skittish and likes to hide under the other chicks. I sure hope we don’t have any bullies when they get older.


Twenty-seven fuzzballs
One unique and rare
The others are all leghorns
And now they’re in our care

There’s sugar in their water
There’s vitamins in their feed
They peep, they shake, they shiver
We’ll give them all they need

They’ll grow into great layers
Bright white their eggs will be
Except the rare unique one
I bet it will be green



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