Garden Burglars

We have a couple of burglars in the garden.

Our carrots go missing, our broccoli disappears and our cherry tomatoes are stolen away by known bandits.

They blatantly pick broccoli.

They flagrantly take tomatoes.

They  shamelessly confiscate carrots.

They don’t even try to hide their actions.


Last year I over planted the broccoli and we had plenty of volunteer cherry tomatoes, but we only dug up 4 or 5 carrots.

Well, only dug up 4 or 5.


This year, I’m determined to grow a bunch of carrots. I’m bent on planting so many varieties that there will be plenty to share with bunnies and bandits.

I’ll even have the boys plant their own patch to tend.

I highly doubt that any carrots from their garden will make it inside.

The boys ate all the carrots
I caught them in the act
They didn’t try to hide it
They ate their healthy snack

I love that they are happy
To garden, plant and grow
They love their yummy carrots
Our sneaky Jake and Joe

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