Waking Up

The homestead is waking up.

I hear frog sounds from the back deck.

Music to my ears.

Out front, my lilies are bursting with life.


The rose bushes are sprouting bright green leaves.


The strawberries carpet the ground.


Once I heard the frogs and saw all of the new growth, I walked the rest of the homestead and to my delight, found almost every plant, tree and vine bursting with green.

The autumn olive that was brutally attacked by strong winds has small green buds forming on every branch.


The blackberries have tiny green shoots on every vine.


The seaberries are peppered with mini reddish sprouts.


The swales are filled and the pond is replenished due to the deluge of rain.


All of this water is feeding the trees we planted. The apple trees are blooming. The raspberries are blossoming and the pond is teeming with tadpoles, fish and water striders.


Winter is over
New life bursts forth and blossoms
Spring has come again

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