Volunteers are always stronger and more resilient than seeds started indoors…at least in my experience.

Borage and mint invade the garden with a vengeance every year. I work tirelessly to ‘relocate’ these pesky but useful plants to the swales.

Tomatoes pop up all over the kitchen garden.

Dill becomes a fragrant forest if we let it…and we usually do.

The garlic chives I planted our first season on the homestead has come back for the past three years. It’s the first to break through and is stronger, more fragrant and more aggressive every season.

Yet, we don’t use it much in cooking. I throw some in eggs every so often add a few sprigs to add flavor to sour cream, but I mostly forget it’s even there.

Then why did we plant chives?

The spiky blades send cabbage worms, aphids, Japanese beetles and slugs packing.

The fragrant shoots have beautiful purple flowers.

The gorgeous flowers attract bees and butterflies.

Chives are useful weapons and gentle friends.

Seedlings have more of a battle. Some will valiantly fight and win, but others will weakly give up and lose.

The survivors though, they will be stronger for their struggles.

Working, striving through the earth
Reaching, stretching to the sun
Spiky, lush and fragrant
Blowing softly in the breeze
Chives breaks through


Growing, struggling through the soil
Craving, yearning for some light
Spindly, poor and meager
Seedlings rise up


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