Autumn Olive…Again

The Autumn olives had a rough go last year.

Wind, water and the unknown were not kind to them.

I was disappointed. Still am.

Yes, I know that ‘these things happen’ and ‘not every endeavor is a success’, but I still don’t have to like it. I just have to learn from it.

In January, I ordered two more autumn olives to replace the 2.5 we lost last year. The .5 is down but not yet out.

They came in the mail today along with a couple of rosemary pots and three grape vines.


I’m not going to repeat past mistakes.

I’m not going to leave the tag on the trunk because it will strangle the poor thing as it grows.

I’m not going ignore early warning signs and react only when it is too late.

I’m going to be proactive and fertilize from the get-go.

I’m starting all over again…armed with some wisdom from past mistakes.

Invasive and strong
Grow tall dear autumn olive
Once again I try

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