Big Bird(s)

The leghorns have transitioned from cute and fuzzy to awkward and moody.

They are quickly outgrowing their temporary home and it will soon be time to split them up.

Cute and fuzzy

Cute and fuzzy


Awkward and moody

I’m replacing their bedding every other day and refilling their feed twice a day.

Their water constantly needs to be refilled, not because they drink it all, but because they like to soak their bedding in it.

I’m not even sure how they get that much straw in their water. I suspect that they are doing it on purpose.

“Let’s see how often we can get her to fill our water.”

“Yeah, and let’s kick all of our food out of this dish just to mess with her.”

“Quick, peck her hands while she’s cleaning our home!”

They are growing even more aggressive than the Red Stars or Rhode Island Reds ever were.

Except dear Pecky Greenleg.  She’s still just as sweet as the day we brought her home.


Dear Pecky Greenleg

First cute and fuzzy
Now awkward and so moody
Grow from small to big

6 responses to “Big Bird(s)

  1. sheilaspostcards

    I SO miss having my own chickens! I think they are fascinating creatures.

  2. I was brought up on a farm (in England) many, many years ago. All our chickens roamed where they wanted but were shut in at night to keep them away from the foxes. As a child one of my jobs was to search all the hedges and barns to try to find where they were laying eggs. I can still remember the thrill of finding a nest full of eggs! Around My Kitchen Table

    • My boys absolutely love checking for eggs and ‘herding’ chickens. My oldest (5) has named them and his favorite is “Yellow”. I bet you have wonderful memories of your homestead! Thank you for stopping by!

  3. I’ve always been afraid of chickens. My grandmother raised them and would send us out to gather eggs. I usually hung back, afraid of the pecks! Your blog title caught my eye as I’m in the process of writing a book from my mothers letters as we homesteaded in Alaska in the late 50’s and early 60’s.
    Excited to read more of your adventures! ~Elle

    • Thank you for stopping by! I was afraid of them when we first got them. They are cute when little but can turn mean when they get older…at least to my mind! The pecks don’t actually hurt too much, they are just surprising. I’m learning a lot about them as we go. You should check out my “chicken wars” stories.

      Good luck on the book!

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