Cherry Blossoms

Everything on our homestead is blossoming, blooming and booming.

The sea berries are peppered with purplish buds.


The aronia sports waxy green leaflets.


The ground cover we transplanted last year is invading the fedge.


The honeyberries have dusty green sprouts.


But the fuzzy white blossoms on the cherry trees are the most exciting.


We planted several cherry varieties. The trees, or rather shrubs, that are blooming are called Nanking Cherry.

We have a couple of apple varieties, some oak trees, a few willows we transplanted and three cherry varieties: Nanking, sugar sweet and an unknown root stock.

The Nankings, so far, are the only ones blossoming.

White, fuzzy, gorgeous blossoms.

Most of these trees bear fruit in the 3rd or 4th year, but the Nankings are supposed to fruit sometime in the 1st, 2nd or 3rd year.

This is the 3rd summer.

This is the season.

This is it.

So while the boys and Charlie played in the pond, and while Ray cleaned out the chicken coop, I stood admiring these beautiful new buds hoping for sweet, juicy fruit in late July.


Such pretty blossoms
Budding and growing so white
Cherries in July

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