Eighty Trees

Eighty trees arrived yesterday.  Eighty. At $3.70 a tree it was a can’t-pass-this-up kind of deal.

After all, we need more trees to fill our swales, and what could be better than this  food forest in a box.?


Fruit trees, nut trees and ornamental beauties all nestled together, dormant and ready to be planted. Such variety!

  • Ten American Red Bud
  • Ten Antonovka Apple
  • Ten Cherry
  • Ten Chestnut
  • Ten Paw Paw
  • Ten Select Seedling Apples
  • Ten Persimmon
  • Ten Pecan

What’s that?

Ready to be planted you say?

Eighty holes needed?

Ah. There’s the rub.

Eighty trees arrived
All nestled in a heap
Eighty trees to plant
In holes dug 2-foot deep

Eighty trees? Oh my! I say
What made us get so many?
Eighty holes for eighty trees?
I’d say now we have plenty!

Oh, and they threw in a free magnolia too.

5 responses to “Eighty Trees

  1. 80 trees to plant is a lot.

    We used to have an orchard with a variety of fruit trees. Very rewarding having your own fruit, even though it involves a lot of work.

  2. Sounds like a tree planting party to me Melissa! Watch out for those pesky Japanese Beetles! I see 20 volunteers @ 4 trees each! :))

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