We mulched the rest of the trees yesterday and then I took a stroll to see what new plants had popped up.

No wind. No clouds. No chill in the air.


The creeping phlox is…creeping. We have one surviving plant and it gets slightly bigger every year.


The strawberries are flowering.


The roses are starting to fill out.


The kiwi vines have green buds.


The chocolate mint is quickly and quietly spreading under a layer of dead mint leaves. Mmmm…tea.


The comfrey is coming back. We are going to try and split it this year and plant it around our new trees as a mulch-maker.


Just knowing that the grass is getting greener…

Just knowing that beautiful yellow dandelions dot the yard…

Just knowing that the trees are flowering…

Just knowing fills me with delight and anticipation for fresh air, fresh produce and a fresh start to the season.

Spring has come to stay
Summer will soon be here too
Let the garden grow


4 responses to “Knowing

  1. K was a hard letter. You did good! I think I may get me some chocolate mint. My dad always grew mint but I don’t think he ever had chocolate. ~Elle

  2. Just found your blog via the A to Z challenge. I absolutely adore the title. “A pinch of homestead” is where we’re at right now, trying to grow a bit with each passing season.

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