Seeing the Future

Sometimes I think I can see the future.

When I sow a seed, I can see it grow into a beautiful plant.

When I collect and egg, I can see it on a plate with bacon and toast.

When I plant a tree, I can see it heavy with fruit.


Sometimes I am disappointed when it doesn’t work out the way I see it.

When that seed doesn’t grow, I feel sad.

When that egg breaks on the floor, I feel glum.

When that tree never fruits, I feel grieved.


But sometimes...sometimes the future surprises me.

When that seed sprouts into a plant, larger and more beautiful than I had imagined, I’m delighted.

When that egg turns out to have a double, or even a triple yolk, I’m excited.

When that tree shows those first white buds, a sign of fruit to come, I’m elated.


Yes, sometimes I think I can see the future…but most times, I know that what I see is nothing as wonderful as what it will be.


Behold the wonder
Gaze at the beauty of life
Marvel at the sight

3 responses to “Seeing the Future

  1. Beautiful thought. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to enjoy the surprises more. And working with young children, I am constantly reminded of the wonder of the littlest things.

    • It’s that wonder that gets me every time I see it in my two boys. Wonder at those things I’ve learned to take for granted. Stops me in my tracks.

  2. Love this! Exactly how I’ve been feeling as we embark on our new farm adventures. So much hope, anxiety, anticipation and excitement all rolled into one!

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