Very Confused Hen

We have a hen who’s broody
We call her Broods-a-lot
She thinks it is her duty
To sit in the “Egg Spot”

She lays her egg and warms it
She thinks she has a chick
The other girls don’t get it
They think her head is thick

For no hen who has brain cells
Can think their eggs have more
Than yolks and whites inside their shells
Without a rooster to do more

The other hens aren’t happy
They lay their eggs there too
They have to get real snappy
To make her get a clue

The boys both think it’s silly
To hear her sqwauck and puff
But soon I think we’ll really
Have all had quite enough


Broody McBroods-a-lot


5 responses to “Very Confused Hen

  1. A broody hen is a gift! AND a pain. 🙂 She will come in handy someday. Out of my flock of 50ish, I only had 3 broody hens. It has been bred out of many of todays breeds, but the heritage breeds still go broody.

  2. Made me smile:-) Thanks for sharing.

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