Zipping Along

The vineyard changes daily. Several times a day.

In the afternoon, I find new growth that wasn’t there in the morning.

I walk to get the mail and bright spurts of color catch my eye.

Shades of every green and yellow pop out at me every time I wander by.

Hops carpet the vineyard.


They climb up the trellis.


They crowd out the dandelions.


Beautiful green and pink grape leaves unfurl.


Bright green kiwi leaves spring out of winding vines.


The pretty purple phlox, a lone survivor of 8, has doubled in size since only a few weeks ago.


The goji berries I planted last year, the ones I thought would never come back, are quietly reaching through the mulch to say hello.


Spring is zipping along into Summer.

Spring bounces along
Summer, with a sigh, rushes
Long days, bright sun…joy

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