Carrots and celery
Amaranth, Kale
Spinach and cucumber
Oops! There’s a snail!

Sunflowers, marigolds
Larkspur and pansy
Lettuce, sage, peppers
Don’t forget tansy!

Broccoli and cabbage starts
Sad and so withered
Planted in good black soil
Where wiggly worms slithered

Look! Here comes borage
Cilantro and dill
All volunteers
That survived winter’s chill

Frog hunting, butterflies
Helping and playing
Sunny and running
While chickens are laying


Plantastic kit and kitchen garden plans


Sad broccoli


Borage volunteer


This is a sign of EXCELLENT soil. Thank you chickens for fertilizing our kitchen garden!


Joe’s frog named Chick. Why? “When he croaks he sounds like a chick.”


Planting larkspur in the herb spiral.


Getting ready to go on a butterfly hunt.

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