Prickly, pokey thistles
Charlie creeps and chokes
Ragweed causes sneezing
Greenbrier twines and pokes

Yes, some weeds are a problem
They enter and invade
But some of them are helpers
Supporting is their trade

There’s weeds that hold in water
And some make tasty food
Like dandelion wine
And greens served fresh or stewed

Most of them have taproots
Far deeper than it seems
The root pulls up the water
From fresh and hidden streams

Soil that’s rich and crumbly
All dandelions love
Attracting bees, controlling pests
The ones we’re so sick of

They hold on to the topsoil
It will not blow away
They mine for all the minerals
To help them grow and stay

Don’t be so quick to pull them
Don’t be so swift to harm
They may just be a helper
Your garden’s lucky charm


The thistle. I yank it out by the root and burn it whenever I see it.


Lambs Quarters – Good in salads. It also makes a great ground cover and keeps the moisture in.


This is what creeping myrtle did to my rose bush. It’s a crazy vine and it is hard to see as it twines mercilessly around the plant.


Evil vine.


I’m not sure what this is, but it is in the mustard family and it is here and there in the swales. I love it.


Gratuitous dandelion photo.

2 responses to “Weeds

  1. Have you ever made dandelion jelly? I have one jar of the jellied gold left from WA. I saw it here in a store for $25. For 6oz! It tastes like wild honey and is easy to make. Just send the boys out everyday to pick the yellow blossoms, remove all the green, and drop it in a container in the freezer. When you have enough, pour hot water over to steep and make the “juice”. Add sugar and process. Hint: teeny tiny little bugs live in the petals. So after removing the green parts, lay the petals out on a flat surface, fluff repeatedly and the tiny insects will scurry away. The boys can be on the lookout for them with magnifying glasses.

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