Name That Weed #3

There are so many gorgeous weeds on our homestead!

The first one I found turned out to be a variety of wild mustard.


The second hairy vetch.


I found this one growing tall and bushy in the pasture.

The taproot is fibrous
The stems are so thick
The flowers attract many bees

The tiny white flowers
The sweet smell of grass
The bushy and ferny green leaves

They tickle and prickle
They grow tall and wide
They swish and they sway in the breeze

What is it?

20160529_165213.jpg 20160529_165205.jpg 20160529_170225.jpg

5 responses to “Name That Weed #3

  1. Looks like Queen Anne’s Lace. Look for the purple flower in the middle when they bloom.

  2. Or it could be poison hemlock. If it doesn’t have the purple centers.

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